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10 Ideas to Improve Employee Retention


In research we’ve conducted on this subject, we
found that roughly one-third of shop owners are looking to hire a
“qualified” technician. Once you find that coveted technician, you want
to have the right features in your shop to make him or her say, “Yes, I
want to come work for you.”

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Now the new hire is an employee, and you want to do everything you can
to keep him or her accurately and efficiently fixing vehicles, and
making money for your business.

With the goal of providing you with ideas to improve employee
retention, Babcox Research asked a sample of shop owner readers for
their ideas on this topic. We received dozens of great responses, so
thank you to those of you who responded. Here are a few we picked from
the bunch.

Share the profits and treat them with respect.

Give them a clean, well-lit environment to work in.

Make sure there is open communication between
the shop owner and the technicians; make employees part of the
decision-making process.


Pay an honest wage to acknowledge and reward their ASE certifications.

Recognize employees for their accomplishments at work and outside the shop.

Make sure they have the right tools and
equipment to minimize errors and ensure the best outcome for each job.
Also, offer easy access to repair information.

The shop must have good morale; get rid of the people who create conflict.

Offer a good compensation plan with
incentives, but, make sure your techs understand the responsibility and
accountability that goes along with it.


Run a good, productive shop that charges
enough to compensate your employees. Work with reliable suppliers (good
availability and quick delivery).

In addition to the normal benefits (medical
and life insurance, uniforms, paid vacation, etc.), the shop must pay
for training and the techs’ time away from the shop.

If you have any other ideas you would like to add, send us an e-mail and we’ll add them to our list on the website.

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