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BIG R Show Panel to Explore How Proper Failure Analysis Can Enhance Product Quality and Customer Satisfaction


engine rebuild starts with a problem with the engine’s performance or
an obvious component failure. Determining the cause of the problem can
go a long way toward building a quality product and solidifying your
relationship with the customer.

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APRA’s Heavy Duty Remanufacturing Group has assembled a panel of
experts that have spent many years analyzing engine problems to discuss
how and why failures occur and what to look for to ensure the problems
have been corrected. As an added draw for heavy duty engine rebuilders,
APRA has designated a part of the show floor at the 2009 International
Big R Show to engines. This section is being co-sponsored by Engine Builder magazine.

Bob Galyen, president of Tawas Inc. in Noblesville, Ind., will moderate
the panel. Galyen is an electrical system and hybrid drive systems
expert and is a member partner of the Richard C. Lugar Center for
Renewable Energy. Tawas laboratories have analyzed product failures for
many OEMs and major component manufacturers.


Steve Scott, technical service manager for IPD, a manufacturer and
distributor of heavy duty diesel and natural gas engine parts for
Caterpillar and Detroit Diesel engines, will bring his extensive
experience in real world engine problems to the discussion. His company
will be exhibiting in the Engine Section of the BIG R Show.

Steve Matthiesen, vice president of sales and marketing for SuperFlow
Corp., will discuss the role of proper dynamometer testing in
preventing engine problems. Matthiesen has a wealth of experience. An
SAE member, Matthiesen has received many awards for developing exports
including the recent Governor’s Award for Excellence in Exporting by
the State of Colorado. SuperFlow will be exhibiting in the Powertrain
Expo with all of their test equipment on display.

The Heavy Duty Engine Failure Analysis panel discussion will be held
from 9:05-10:05 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 2, and is free to all BIG R Show
attendees. There will be ample time for questions and answers and
attendees will have the opportunity to network with peers in
benchmarking their efforts in this area. For complete details on the
International BIG R Show at The Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, visit:

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