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Removing Crankshaft Pilot Bearings Revisited (#4)


playdohWhen removing a crankshaft pilot bearing, the easiest way is to use modeling clay or Play-Doh. Pack the clay into the hole first by hand, and then hammer it in with a tight fitting bolt or blunt chisel. It doesn’t take much force to make the bearing pop out. There is no mess, and the clay can be used over and over again.
We have been removing pilot bearings this way ever since there were pilot bearings. We all got a laugh out of your April edition where a reader suggested using wet toilet paper rather than grease.
We already have clay around to balance crankshafts, and it just seems like the thing to use.
Wet TP – HA HA HA!

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Ray Crowley

Ray’s Precision Engines

Taylor, MI


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