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Turbocharged Gen V 454 cid Big Block Chevy

After building more than 700 engines in his career, Joshua Gomez of MotorVation Performance, wanted to build himself an engine that was affordable, fast and stayed together. He hot rodded this 454 cid Gen V big block Chevy to the tune of 1,800 horsepower. Find out what went into the build!

427 cid LSX Pro Touring Engine

When the right components are selected, an engine can go together pretty smoothly. That was the case for this Baier’s Engine Service build of a 427 cid LSX for a Pro Touring application. Find out what makes it special!

Engine Masters Challenge 439 cid LS7 Engine

Looking to expand his engine building resume and compete with the big boys, Justin McLendon set out to show what a few guys from SAM Tech could do at an Engine Masters Challenge dyno competition. Find out what went into this 439 cid LS7 engine that placed runner up in the 2019 Engine Masters Challenge Extreme LS class.

376 cid LS3 Engine

According to Brandon Tyson, there’s good power in small cubic inch. Everybody always thinks bigger is better, but in reality, one thing he proved is there’s also big horsepower in a well thought out, designed and built engine. Using Brandon’s roots as an all-motor guy coupled with a basic engine design, he had this dream of seeing what kind of power you can make with a stock cubic inch LS. Find out what went into this 376 cid LS3 build and how much power it ultimately made!

331 cid Gen I Hemi Engine

Pulled from a ’55 Imperial that had been sitting forever, this 331 cid Gen I Hemi came to Southern Marine and Automotive covered in rust and in need of serious help. Shop owner Ray Klaver worked to restore this old-school engine back to its glory days under a tight budget with big results. Find out what went into revitalizing this Gen I Hemi from the ’50s!

427 cid Twin Turbo LSX Engine

After a rod went through the block of this LSX engine, the customer came to Hustler Race Engines for a rebuild. Shop owner Nick Bougeokles found some serious issues with the prior build and not only remedied those issues, but rebuilt this 427 cid twin turbo LSX better than it was before. Find out what went into the build of this sand rail LSX engine!

Naturally Aspirated Subaru EJ Engine

To Brandon Loveless, Subarus are the ultimate car and engine. His passion for Subarus led him to want to build a Subaru EJ engine for an Impreza RS2.5 coupe. The result was this naturally aspirated EJ with plenty of custom bells and whistles. Find out what went into the build.

Turbocharged Honda B18C Engine

When an attempt at building an all motor Honda engine wasn’t going to perform up to expectations, Daniel Cahalan and the team at 1320 DTR decided to go with a turbo set up for a top drag car application. Find out the results of the Honda B18C engine build!

430 cid LS7 Dirt Late-Model Engine

Mullins Race Engines’ latest project has been developing an LS dirt late-model engine, and the results far exceeded expectations for the build. Find out what went into making this 430 cid LS7 dirt late-model engine such a strong race engine!

762 cid N/A Hemi Engine

Known for 500-1,000 cid engines for drag racing, truck pulling, extreme muscle cars, and boat applications, Sonny’s Racing Engines has been delivering innovative engine designs and uncompromising performance for more than 50 years. Excellent examples of that engineering are the engines Sonny built for Sunnen’s Charity Engine Sweepstakes. The 2019 engine is this 762 cid Hemi. Find out what went into the $66,000 build!

440 cid Whipple-Blown LS Engine

Attracting customers from hot rod users to doing motors for the Fast and the Furious and the Batmobile to the Drift series, King of the Hammers and Baja 1000, CBM Motorsports churns out a lot of engines. Above all else, the shop, which specializes in LS engine work, does its most business for sand rails, and that’s where this 440 cid Whipple-blown LS engine is heading. Find out what went into this supercharged build.

376 cid LS3 LSR Engine

When a customer came to Mullenix Racing Engines wanting to kick it up a level from his stock bottom end and stock heads, engine builder James Mullenix built him a 376 cid LS3 LSR engine. Find out what went into this LS build and what kind of power it’s cranking out!