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Gauging Engine Data

Gauges not only provide vital data about your car or truck’s engine, but can also add some style to the vehicle. There are many different routes to take and angles to consider when deciding on what gauges to add to your vehicle.

HP Academy Teaches EFI Online

The HP Academy was started to fulfill the need for some sort of formal training for EFI tuning. Two New Zealanders, Andre Simon and Ben Silcock, founded HPA in 2010.

Chassis Options

The options start with bolt-on parts to improve on an original chassis, followed by complete suspension and brake kits as the next step up.

Machining for Other Industries

Modern CNC equipment and machining systems are capable of doing work on anything you can run a program for. Some shops have started to find additional uses for these machines.

Wiring Harness Tips & Tricks

We recently caught up with Jeremy Gibbons of Indy Wiring Services to discuss wiring looms and what engine builders need to make better harnesses for their customers.

Restoration Work

Enter the restomod, a term we all know well. Whether you use the term or not, the fact is, the majority of modern restorations include some type of modification as an upgrade to modern vehicle systems.

Giving Old Pistons New Attitude

I find great joy in creating the pistons I make, and in the joy they bring others. I believe every piston heading to the scrap heap has a story to tell. I try to leave behind imperfections or damage when possible to help preserve the history of the piece.

Engine Installations

Aside from the decision to add engine installations to your business or not, you’ll need to consider the additional skill sets required, additional tools and equipment and your shop’s space available to have entire vehicles inside.

Dyno Time

A competent dyno tuner should be able to improve the engine’s characteristics, making it more powerful or efficient, depending on the customer’s needs.

How Real Cryogenics Are Done

The word cryogenics has been misused, abused and mutilated for many years, causing failure, doubt and false accusations on the true laws of physics.

July 2020 Shop Solutions

Balancing a crankshaft by drilling large holes in counterweights can leave an appearance of the counterweight that is not pretty. To improve the appearance…

Engine are Awesome, but There’s so Much More to Explore

With all the different types of automotive engines in the world tod ay, and those from many years ago, there’s really never a shortage of things to cover in our magazine each month and each year. From the engines used in ultra-high performance and racing to hot rods and street cars to diesel, marine and