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ProMAXX Intake Manifold for Ford EcoBoost Engines

ProMAXX® Tool’s new Intake Manifold Repair (IMR) ProKit allows technicians to easily remove broken fasteners on Ford 3.5L and 3.7L EcoBoost engines. The kit includes signature machine-shop tooling and precision components to make an on-the-truck repair. “Cadmium plating, aluminum, and moisture are a recipe for disaster and intake manifold bolts are not immune to the problem,”

Intake Manifold
Plazmaman’s Honda K20/K24 Billet Intake Manifold

The billet intake features an o-ring port seal, 4-8 injector options and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Plazmaman Hemi Gen III Billet Intake

Featuring high-flow billet fuel rails, Plazmaman’s Gen III intake is suitable for the 5.7L, 6.1L and 6.4L new Gen engines.

Hilborn 3.00-Inch Bore Big Block Chevrolet Intake Manifold

The Hilborn EFI-R injector manifold kits combine the technology of electronic fuel injection with the racing-born performance and aggressive looks of individual runner engine induction. The engine valley covers are sold separate to allow the customer to choose the correct valley cover kit based on the engine deck height Features: Hilborn high-quality heat-treated aluminum valley

Meet Holley’s Sky Ram Intake Manifold

A little over a decade ago, Holley introduced the Hi-Ram intake manifold. But, if you’re looking for the ultimate in stump pulling torque, there’s nothing like Holley’s all-new Sky-Ram intake manifold. This cutting-edge intake features 36-inch runners tuned specifically for low-end power delivery. The Holley Sky-Ram is compatible with all plenum top configurations including single-

Steve Morris’ SMX Engine Gets Heads and Intake Installed

Now that the primary internals are all set, Steve shifts his focus to the top end of the SMX build and shows you his SMX cylinder head set up and intake.

Performance Design Carbon pTR Intake Manifold

After a year of development, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering is launching its new pTR Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold for C8 Corvettes.

Intake Manifolds for the Modern Age

Today’s aftermarket intake manifolds offer engine builders many options, but choosing the right one for your build is more than just finding the biggest one.

Holley EFI Modular Lo-Ram EFI Manifolds for GM LS3

The Lo-Ram intake manifolds are designed for forced induction (supercharged or turbocharged) engine applications.

Hilborn Big Block Chevrolet Intake Manifold Kits

The Hilborn EFI-R injector manifold kits combine the technology of Electronic Fuel Injection with the racing born performance and aggressive looks of Individual-Runner engine induction.

Holley Single-Plane Intake Manifold

The new Holley Single-Plane Race intake manifold is designed with maximum performance in mind and features a two-piece split design that provides access for all levels of porting and modification.

Holley Gen III Hemi Swap Parts

Holley has released a ton of upgrade parts including new EFI Hi-Ram intake manifolds and swap application oil pans.