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Hilborn Big Block Chevrolet Intake Manifold Kits

The Hilborn EFI-R injector manifold kits combine the technology of Electronic Fuel Injection with the racing born performance and aggressive looks of Individual-Runner engine induction.

Holley Single-Plane Intake Manifold

The new Holley Single-Plane Race intake manifold is designed with maximum performance in mind and features a two-piece split design that provides access for all levels of porting and modification.

Holley Gen III Hemi Swap Parts

Holley has released a ton of upgrade parts including new EFI Hi-Ram intake manifolds and swap application oil pans.

Holley Lo-Ram Intakes with SFI Burst Panels

Holley’s popular Lo-Ram manifold with dual fuel rail configurations is now available with an integrated SFI burst panel for added racer safety.

Holley Dual Injector Lo-ram Base Manifold

Based off of the top-feed configuration, this base manifold and rail kit allows for enthusiasts to mix & match their new high performance intake.

Holley EFI Expands Lo-Ram Intake Manifold Lineup

The Holley LS1/2/6 Lo-Ram intake manifold kits are designed for GM LS Gen III and IV engines.

Holley Modular Lo-Ram Intakes

Holley has announced the release of two new intake manifolds from its Holley EFI division – these modular Lo-Ram intake manifolds are designed for cathedral port LS engines and can be configured for turbocharged and centrifugally supercharged applications.

Holley Single Plane Split Intake Manifold For GM LS3/L92

Holley has expanded its line-up of race oriented split-design intake manifolds by releasing two new LS3/L92 versions – a carbureted 4150 flange version and an EFI version.

Holley Sniper EFI Dual Plenum Intake Manifolds for GM LS Engines

Holley/MSD has announced the release of its Sniper EFI Dual Plenum Intake Manifolds. Developed specifically for LS engines and available for both cathedral-port and rectangular-port cylinder heads, they feature dual plenums and dual throttle bodies in a unique, innovative design.

Holley Single Plane Split-Design Race Intake Manifolds

Holley/MSD has announced the release of Single Plane Split-Design Race Intake Manifolds, which have been developed specifically for high-performance and race Gen III LS engines with cathedral port heads and 4150-style square-bore flanged carburetors or throttle bodies.

Holley Small Block Chevy EFI and Carbureted Intake Manifolds

Holley/MSD has announced the release of two new small block Chevy intake manifolds – one for EFI applications and one for carbureted engines.

Intake Manifolds – Are There Changes You Need to Understand?

The intention here is to take each manifold design and mention things that have evolved over the years and discuss factors that have been found which will be beneficial to engine performance.