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427 cid Twin Turbo LSX Engine

After a rod went through the block of this LSX engine, the customer came to Hustler Race Engines for a rebuild. Shop owner Nick Bougeokles found some serious issues with the prior build and not only remedied those issues, but rebuilt this 427 cid twin turbo LSX better than it was before. Find out what went into the build of this sand rail LSX engine!

LS Engines, They’re So Hot Right Now

The LS engine remains one of the most used platforms for racing and performance applications, whether it’s street/strip, drag racing, off-road racing or even marine.

LS Engine Parts Selection

People in the aftermarket thought that the SBC could never be replaced, but in the eyes of many hot rodders and engine builders, the heir to the throne is the LS platform.

All Hail the Mighty LS

With all the current talk that still surrounds the LS platform, it’s hard to believe the early generations of these engines are nearly 25 years old!

Video: Engine of the Week – 440 cid Whipple-Blown LS Engine

Inside the details of CBM Motorsports’ 440 cid Whipple LS engine.

430 cid LS7 Dirt Late-Model Engine

Mullins Race Engines’ latest project has been developing an LS dirt late-model engine, and the results far exceeded expectations for the build. Find out what went into making this 430 cid LS7 dirt late-model engine such a strong race engine!

440 cid Whipple-Blown LS Engine

Attracting customers from hot rod users to doing motors for the Fast and the Furious and the Batmobile to the Drift series, King of the Hammers and Baja 1000, CBM Motorsports churns out a lot of engines. Above all else, the shop, which specializes in LS engine work, does its most business for sand rails, and that’s where this 440 cid Whipple-blown LS engine is heading. Find out what went into this supercharged build.

Proform LS Main Cap Removal Tool

Hook the tool beneath the cap and push down on the handles to ease the cap out with leverage, nearly eliminating the aforementioned issues. Featuring long, easy-grip handles with machine grooved rings for a more secure hold and greater leverage.

Elgin Industries Expands its Pro-Stock Performance Range

Elgin Industries has expanded its PRO-STOCK performance range with an array of additional parts available for GM LS engines and other popular street and racing applications.

Jon Capizzi Sets New LS Stock Bottom End Record

Jonathan Capizzi of Holland, MI made the long haul down to Ohio Valley Dragway in Kentucky for the “Turkey Bash 2K19” event. In testing for the race, Capizzi shocked the world when he set a new stock bottom end (SBE) record for LS engines.

427 cid N/A LS Engine

Jim Gray is an engine builder of high end drag race, circle track and street performance engines. When a business partnership in his previous business went south, he sold the shop and was quickly given a new opportunity by Larry Jeffers. Gray now builds engines like this 427 cid LS engine at Bullet Racing Engines. Find out what went into this naturally aspirated Drag Week build.

431 cid LSX Engine

Starting out with just an LS7 block, Halston Harrist’s customer quickly wanted to make big power. H-Squared Racing Engines converted to a GM Performance Bow Tie LSX block and from there, the shop kept stepping it up. Every time Halston rebuilt it, the customer got nicer parts. Find out what went into this 431 cid LSX engine and the crazy amount of horsepower it’s capable of!