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Thereis a cylinder head gasket design change for 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser2.4L VIN B engines. The hole size opening was changed to improve theability of oil drainback from the cylinder head and also improvecrankcase ventilation on 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser 2.4L VIN B engines.Beginning in 2002 this opening was reshaped to a much larger size.

Anew cylinder head gasket was designed to fit the new cylinder head withC/N 04667086. The 2002 block was also modified to reflect the cylinderhead revision. With the implementation of the improved engine oilreturn and crankcase ventilation (enlarged hole), it became necessaryfor the 2002 and newer head gasket revision.

The design changeto the cylinder head gasket was made to cover the new larger crankcaseventilation enlarged hole. The hole, marked in Figure 6, is betweencylinders No. 3 and No. 4 on the 2002 head gasket. Only one of the oildrainback holes on the flywheel side is opened from a round hole to aslightly larger irregular shape.

The original hole was muchsmaller and is the reason the gasket will not fit properly on theearlier 2001 and older cylinder heads and blocks.

Although theearlier 2001 gasket can physically be installed on the 2002 head andblock, it will leak oil from the uncovered oil return/ventilation holein the cylinder head when the engine is run. It will also blockopenings. The oil hole between the cylinders is not a high-pressure oilpassage.

The revised 2002 head/block may be installed on 2001vehicles, so exercise caution when assembling these engines, as well aswhen buying cores.

This information was provided by AERA


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Engine Builder Staff

Engine Builder Staff