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This series of engines fall into various models that each include their own updates, those models are:
3500A / 3500B / 3500C
One of the most significant changes in the diesel applications was in the method of fuel delivery
systems from:
Mechanical Unit Injection (MUI)   To    Electronic Unit Injection (EUI)
There have also been major changes in the stroke and of course the piston design:
Aluminum  –   Two-piece Articulated   –  One-Piece Steel
In addition, you must consider changes within other components including:

  •  Electronics
  •  Gear train
  •  Valve, side and cam covers
  •  Water pumps
  •  Valve & injector lifters
  •  Cylinder liners & spacer plates
  •  Turbochargers
  •  Numerous seals & gaskets
  •  Crankshafts
  •  Camshafts
  •  Manifolds
  •  Numerous valve train components
  •  Cylinder Heads

Making sure the components are compatible when making repairs can be critical. Something as simple as mismatched valve springs can result in catastrophic failures.

The OE manufacturer has had several product improvements and support programs, as well as technical bulletins over the years, for example:

  •  Combustion leakage on cylinder head gaskets (REBE4209)
  •  Machining errors on cylinder liners (SEBE7666)
  •  Blockages in coolant passages of cylinder heads (TIBU2995) 
  •  Delaminating of some connecting rod bearings (TIBU5789)

Keeping parts and service information current and dealing with knowledgeable and reputable suppliers is important to your success when working with 3500 and other series engines. 
Note: These updates, issues mentioned above are for reference only to illustrate the many changes these engines have undergone in their 20-plus-year life span so far. The intent of this bulletin is solely to inform the engine builders of things to consider when ordering, quoting, and/or repairing 3500 series engines. Please contact your OE dealer to gain  access to the various bulletins and updates you will need to repair these engines.   

–Tech Tip courtesy of IPD  

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Engine Builder Staff

Engine Builder Staff