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• 1998-2003  Ford vehicles with 7.3L engines.

Some vehicles may experience a misfire or “cackle.”

The injectors in the 7.3L diesel run off of the high-pressure engine
oil pump. The number 8 injector is the farthest away from the oil pump,
causing a filling problem, which may result in a misfire. Ford replaced
the number 8 injector in some vehicles as needed with a different
injector to solve the problem.


Most vehicles use eight AB or AD type injectors, but your 7.3L
Powerstroke vehicle may use seven AB or AD and one AE type. CARDONE has
made the AB, AD and AE types available. Identify the type installed in
your vehicle by checking the 2 digit alpha code on top of the solenoid.
Note that the AE type may also be labeled LL, which stands for “Long
Lead”. The part number for the AB type is 2J-204, the AD type number is
2J-205, and the AE type is 2J-209.

This bulletin is supplied as technical information only and is not an authorization for repair.

–Tech Tip courtesy of CARDONE Industries, Inc.

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