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Turbocharging for Efficiency


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Turbo for efficiency

From tnsmachine  

I am looking for information on turbocharging a 5.7L Chevy for fuel efficiency in a Suburban from someone who has been there. Any information would be appreciated.

Filed under: economy, fuel efficiency, 383 chevy, turbo

Re: Turbo for efficiency

From dicer

Normally when adding a power adder and increasing air consumption, and to keep air fuel ratio balanced, adding more fuel is usually part of the equation.


Re: Turbo for efficiency

From Jim bob

Unfortunately turbochargers don’t increase economy for transient applications (i.e., around town). Yes they do increase efficiency of the cycle but you only really see economy increase at constant running rpm such as highway driving. You would want to select your turbocharger to be in its highest efficiency zone of the compressor map at low engine rpm. That would mean selecting a very small pair of turbochargers. You would then want to change your driving habits to use most of the increased power to move the car efficiently. That being said, yes I think you would increase around town efficiency to some extent.

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