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Porsche Boxter M96 Crankshaft Bearing Housing Update


Upon inspection of complete engines replaced under Porsche factory
warranty, it has been determined that they are being replaced
unnecessarily because of the above-mentioned engine noises. The noise
is caused by the crankshaft bearing housing.

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As of March 29,2005, a crankshaft bearing housing with thrust blocks
made of nodular cast iron is installed on all 2.7L engines from model
year 2005.

If customer complaints are received regarding the above-mentioned
noises on an engine manufactured before the specified date of
introduction, the crankshaft bearing housing should be replaced instead
of replacing the complete engine.

P/N of bearing housing (with steel inserts) 996.101.007.07.

Some or all of the preceding technical information was provided by the
Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association (APRA). For more
information on technical bulletins available through APRA call
703-968-2772 or visit www.AutoBulletins.com.

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