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Installing Shaft Mount Rocker Systems on Gen III Engines


For information specific to other shaft rocker systems you should refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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1) The rocker arm roller tips must be immersed in oil for a minimum of 3 hours to allow full lubricant penetration of the roller tip and axle. A household ice tray works well for this purpose.
Please note that it is absolutely critical that all shaft rocker components be thoroughly pre-oiled prior to use.

84172CompShaftR_000000396812) Thoroughly inspect both cylinder heads to ensure that they are free of any obstructions that may prevent the rocker stands from bolting down evenly.

3) After removing the old rocker arm studs from the cylinder heads, inspect all rocker stud bolt holes to ensure that the threads have not been damaged during removal of the studs. Running a thread chaser through all of the holes will guarantee clean threads and a secure mounting point for your new COMP shaft rocker system.


4) Prior to torquing any of the rocker stand bolts,
verify that all rocker stand bolts can be threaded completely through
the rocker shafts and into the rocker arm stud holes. Any bolt that
does not thread all the way into the stud hole should be shortened
using a bench grinder. Be sure to clean up the threaded bolt ends with
a thread chaser after grinding.

5) Torque the 7/16? stand bolts to 45 ft.lbs. Bolts that thread into an intake runner should be coated with a good thread sealant.

6) Install the rocker arms onto the rocker arm shaft
with a shim on either side of the rocker, and place a lock ring on the
outside of each shim. The shims prevent side pressure from damaging the
shaft bearings. Install the 5/16” Torx head bolts through the rocker
shafts into the rocker stands, and torque them to 25 ft.lbs.


7) Place a few drops of oil on the valve lash adjuster
threads prior to installation in each rocker arm. Tighten the adjuster
by hand until bottomed out. Back the adjuster out 1 turn, and thread
the adjuster nut onto the adjuster. Tighten the adjuster nut to 45
ft.lbs. to seat the adjuster. Note that it is absolutely critical that
the adjuster is backed out one full turn prior to torquing the adjuster
nut. Failure to do so will result in damage to the adjuster and rocker

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