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Women in Motorsports 2022 Class

Women in motorsports... need we say more? These nine women do some awesome things in this industry.

This is now the fourth Women in Motorsports class we’ve been fortunate to feature. Each year, we have such amazing conversations with equally incredible women doing kickass work in our engine building and racing industry. Some have been at this stuff their whole lives, while others more recently found how rewarding this work can be, but each of them contribute greatly to the fabric that makes up this tight-knit community. From engine builders to racers and everything in-between, we congratulate this year’s featured women. More on their stories can be found in the links below and on our YouTube channel soon.

Tricia Musi, engine builder and drag racer, Pat Musi Racing Engines

Hannah Maloof, engine builder, drag racer, stunt driver, Maloof Racing Engines

Katie Coleman, cylinder head specialist, LinCo Diesel Performance

Felicia Smith, drag racer and influencer, Oklahoma City, OK

Kayla Blood, Monster Jam driver, Soldier Fortune

Janine Shoffner, road racer, J2-Racing

Jillian McLaughlin, engine builder, Precision Machine Engine

Johnna Dunn, clutch specialist and drag racer, Jim Dunn Racing

Mattie Graves, diesel drag racer, Hollyrock Customs

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