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John Deere Rat Rod with a 496 Big Block Chevy Engine

You haven’t seen anything like Jesse Madaffari’s rat rod. It’s a 1972 John Deere 7520 tractor cab on an ’82 GMC S15 truck frame with a 496 big block Chevy engine capable of 10-second passes. Go ahead and read that again – you read it correctly. Check this thing out!

John Deere Rat Rod Powered by a 496 Big Block Chevy Engine

Can you believe Jesse Madaffari daily drives this thing?! It’s a sight to behold, and when we walked past it at Sick Week, we had to stop and find out more about this unique rat rod build of a John Deere cab and a 496 big block Chevy engine.

Gregoire Blanchon’s Triple-Turbo TDI VW Engine

Gregoire Blachon, owner of Boxeer LLC, usually dedicates the entire month of June to testing at Pike’s Peak. In 2020, he was 1-second shy of the diesel hill climb record. Check out his VW Bug equipped with a triple-turbo, 4-cylinder, 2.0L TDI VW engine.

Twin-Turbo 6.0L LS Engine

Aydan Bailey may have rolled his 1957 Chevy wagon on the last day of Sick Week, but the car’s twin-turbo 6.0L LS engine was still capable of 7-second passes. Check it out!

Aydan Bailey’s Twin-Turbo 6.0L LS Engine

We caught up with Aydan Bailey at Sick Week, a drag-and-drive event Aydan’s dad Tom Bailey is the founder and promoter of. Aydan was there to compete with his 1957 Chevy wagon and a twin-turbo 6.0L LS. Hear what’s under the hood in this Engine of the Week.

One-on-One with SBI’s Phil Data

Phil Data, SB International’s VP of Sales recently stopped by Engine Builder magazine, so we sat down to talk about what’s been going on at the company in recent years, how the industry has changed and we touch on SBI’s upcoming 40th anniversary.

Weiand Supercharged 454 Big Block Chevy Engine

For people like Jason Schaefer, making horsepower and enjoying performance is more about being the right mechanic than having the right billfold. He showcases that mentality in his 1929 Ford hot rod, which is equipped with a supercharged 454 big block Chevy engine. Find out what helps this thing rip down the track!

Blown Big Block 454 Chevy

The beauty of drag-and-drive events is that there’s no one way to do it. Everyone has a different goal, focus and vehicle they’re bringing to the table. Jason Schaefer and his 1929 Ford hot rod with a 454 big block Chevy engine is a perfect example. He’s having fun and keeping the spirit of original

Blown 540 cid Hemi Engine

Jarrad Scott and his 1962 Ford Ranchero named Bitchin’, are no strangers to drag-and-drive events. Nor are they strangers to winning in the A/Gas class. That’s all thanks to a well-built car with an impressive, blown 540 cid Hemi engine! Check out what’s under this hood!

Jarrad Scott’s Blown 540 Hemi Engine

Jarrad Scott and his 1962 Ford Ranchero nicknamed Bitchin’ are no strangers to drag-and-drive events. We caught up with him at Sick Week 2022 to find out more about his blown 540 cid Hemi engine that consistently puts Jarrad in contention in the A/Gas class. Engine of the Week is brought to you by Elring

Twin-Turbo 427 cid LS Next Engine

Hoping to run low-7s or even sub-6.50s, Stefan Rossi’s Sick Week changed on his very first run. Despite a crash, Stefan was unscathed and he and his team finished the week. The car features a twin-turbo 427 LS Next engine built by Stefan at his engine shop, ACE Racing Engines. Check it out!

Diesel Turbocharging Options

When it comes to turbocharging your diesel engine, there’s more than one option to consider. We breakdown those options and what you should think about for different applications. AMSOIL Garage is brought to you by AMSOIL INC.