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Perkins Diesels are the most widely used engines in the world. SinceFrank Perkins began in 1916, these engines have been made in many different countries. Because theengine is configured differently for each application, it is veryimportant to determine the actual serial number of the engine you wishto repair or replace. That unique serial number, akin to a car’s VIN,will tell you when and where the engine was built, its horsepowerrating, and the specific parts used in the engine.

What your number looks like

You are looking for a stamped-in number on the block rather than araised casting number. Sometimes a raised 377711000 is often found onPerkins diesels but this is simply a casting number. The stamped-innumber we need is usually alphanumeric, beginning with two letters andthen five digits, such as ED70058. Earlier engineshad strictly numeric serial numbers using the model numbers to beginthe sequence. An example of an early number is 108U..N.

Where to find it

Typically, 4108 and 6354 engines have serial numbers stamped in the casting where the injection pump is mounted. The 4236 and 4248 engines usually have their numbers stamped into an area of the blocks behind the injection pump. The 3152 and 4203 series are often found stamped-in at the rear of the block above the bell housing.

The chart below is helpful in identifying the areas where a particular model’s serial number is located.

Engine Type Position Engine Type Position
3.152 Family 1 4.300 F
4.108 A 4.318 F
4.154 B 6.354 Family D
4.203 G or J 4.212 C
4.236 C or H 4.248 C

– Tech Tip courtesy of Foley Engines

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Engine Builder Staff

Engine Builder Staff