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Shop Solutions November 2021

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Cam Center
Shop Solutions October 2021

When installing a shorter connecting rod than a crankshaft was meant for, it is sometimes necessary to clearance the counterweights.

October Shop Solutions
Shop Solutions September 2021

In the event you come up missing a set screw or oil galley plug and need to finish a job, one can be quickly made by threading the head of a stainless-steel hex-socket head cap screw

Shop Solutions August 2021

When doing port work and rolling the short turn radius, sometimes it’s difficult to get a good angle with the burr or sanding roll. Use a tapered cone type cartridge roll, but flip it backwards on the mandrel.

Cylinder Heda Porting Tip
Shop Solutions July 2021

About 20 years ago, cam lifts and valve spring pressures were on the increase. Today, 1,000 lbs. open pressure is not unheard of.

An easy way to bleed hydraulic lifter buckets.
Shop Solutions June 2021

Measuring installed height on LS or any other engine with beehive or small OD retainers can be tricky without a special height mic. But if you take your standard height mic and flip it upside down, it will work.

Shop Solutions May 2021

PRIME WITHOUT THE INTAKE MANIFOLD ON I always prime all of my engines with the intake manifold off and the valley open. You can see oil escaping around lifters and cam bearings. You can see if you have the wrong base circle camshaft on SB Ford hydraulic roller cams and if the lifter bands are

Shop Solutions April 2021

Disassembling an old stuck engine can be challenging. When valves are stuck in the valve guides, try welding a nut to the face of the valve.

Shop Solutions March 2021

If your shop has a particular crankshaft design you tend to balance on a regular basis, we recommend using a crankshaft snout socket as a locator.

Shop Solutions February 2021

If you work on any high-power adder or high-rpm engines, chances are you will see some fretting on the bottoms of main caps and the backside of the upper rod bearing.

Shop Solutions January 2021

QUICK DRILL CLAMP A very handy drill press clamp set can be made in about 15 minutes from 1˝ angle iron, two carriage head bolts (they fit the t-slots), a couple valve guides for spacers, and two wing nuts. It has a wide operating range and is very quick and easy to adjust or remove

Shop Solutions – December 2020

Before machining, remember “Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance,” and Murphy’s Law will have less of a chance to get you.